Welcome to the Coeur d'Alene Rotary Fund Raiser Website


It is Rose Sale Time!  Every year we raise tens of thousands of dollars for great causes all while brightening up the lives of people in our community.  Isn't Rotary great!

This year the Rose Sale has all of the same options as in previous years. One of these options is buying roses and gifting them to a charity. However, this year, because of the extraordinary circumstances we are all experiencing, we have added a second group you may donate roses to. It is called the Covid-19 Heroes.

There is no need to designate to a specific charity or group as we’ve done before. Just click on ‘Donate roses to charity and/or Covid-19 Heroes’ and you’re through. After all orders are in, we will handle distributing the roses among the 12 different groups in the most equitable way possible.


NOTE:  No money will be collected on this website, but rather you will be billed through the Rotary as usual.

STEP 1:  Shop online for your desired mix of Roses, Donation Amount, or Roses For Charity/COVID-19 Heroes.

STEP 2:  Add the desired number of items to your shopping cart.

STEP 3:  Click check out.

During check out, you can adjust quantities and then you must enter your name, email address, phone number and billing address.  (This store is not connected with Club Runner, so you must enter your contact information so we can match to your member record.)

Your Minimum Order Options:

  • Sell/Buy a min of 10 dozen roses or more
  • Sell/Buy a min of 10 dozen roses for charity/COVID-19 Heroes
  • Sell/Buy 5 dozen roses and donate $100
  • Donate $200 instead of selling roses
  • Donate $200 AND buy roses
  • Donate $200 and buy roses for charity/COVID-19 Heroes
  • Default option (if you do not fill out contract, club will automatically bill you $200)


August 31, 2020 @ 6:00PM

Making changes to your order

You can either call or eMail Ed Bejarana (208) 209-7170, ed@zenithexhibits.com or if your adjustments are greater than $200, you can place a second (third or forth) order online.